I hope you're all doing well. I find myself in a situation where I'm looking for some advice and insights from those who may have experienced something similar. I'm a father of two wonderful children, and I work from home on my computer.
The challenge I face is finding the right balance between work and play on the same computer. My kids often want to use the computer for their school assignments and entertainment, while I need it for my job. It's essential for me to be productive during working hours, but I also want to ensure that my children have access to educational resources and can enjoy some screen time responsibly.
I'd like to hear from parents or anyone who has faced a similar situation. How do you manage the shared use of a computer at home? Are there specific software that have helped you manage this effectively?
Your advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated. I want to ensure that my children have a positive and educational digital experience while still meeting my work responsibilities.
Thank you in advance for your advices!
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