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Free the Children

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Can we free the young from all the hate that
we as a society taught? Can we teach them
now it’s wrong to kill? Tho in this web of
crime thier caught. Can we take away the
pain they feel from abuse, neglect, & shame
And teach them now that’s all wrong but let
them know we share the blame? Can we say
we’re sorry, And hope they know It’s meant
from deep within the heart. And let them
know we love them so And we’re sorry we had
to part? Lets get rid of guns and the tools
of trade Of crime and hate and fear. Lets
teach our young what we once knew. That life
is oh so dear. The mess of drugs we used and
sold That put alot of us away. We pray our
children will never know. So they won’t see
this day. As we are going out the door. Will
they be Coming in? Lets all free the
children, And begin this life again.

Credits: Tina Marie Rutherford

Host: www1