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Antek from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Antek was born in May 2015 and has been living in a foster family since infancy. He has been diagnosed with bio-mechanical disturbances of the nervous system evidenced in delayed fine and gross motor skills. Antek can walk independently, but he does not have good coordination or accuracy in any of his movements. He has also recently been found to be on the autism spectrum and we are awaiting the paperwork for the official diagnosis. Antek’s symptoms include unstable eye contact, being nonverbal, lack of joint attention, no interest in play with peers, low interest in toys, crying/laughing without apparent reason, inability to carry out instructions, and moderate overall cognitive delays. Antek is a generally calm child who does not manifest aggression. He enjoys listening to music and noisy toys. He requires assistance with all daily living tasks, including toileting and hygiene, and a lot of supervision. Antek waits for a well-prepared family who can provide for the long-term needs of an individual with autism.
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