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Melora from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Melora was born in February 2013 and lived with her birth family for nearly three years before she moved into a foster home. She has been diagnosed with epilepsy (grand mal seizures) for which she takes medication, hyperactivity, and overall moderate developmental delays. Melora is described as a curious girl who is constantly in motion. While she appears to have a relatively active imagination, cognitive and executive functioning skills for Melora are not on par with same aged peers. She has well-developed gross motor skills, but her fine motorics are rough and chaotic. Melora speaks in single words and short sentences and is able to follow instructions; however, Melora’s speech and other delays prevent her from communicating effectively, from forming closer interpersonal relationships, and from sustained play with peers. Melora needs constant supervision and depends on help from adults for all daily living tasks. She is looking for a family that can support her long-term and love her unconditionally.
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