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Rowen from Bulgaria



from Bulgaria

Rowen was born in August 2014 with first degree prematurity, more than four days post-amniotic sac rupture. He has been diagnosed with spina bifida (lumbar meningocele), hydrocephalus with VP shunt placement (revised Nov 2019), epilepsy, spastic cerebral palsy, strabismus, and nystagmus. He has severe developmental delays. Rowen rolls from his back to his stomach, sits independently, stands while holding a fixed support, and moves forward slightly when placed in a walker. He reaches for and holds toys and attempts to clap his hands. Rowen imitates and verbalizes random sound combinations and syllables and shows good eye contact. He recognizes familiar faces and voices, smiling and laughing when his caregivers engage with him. Rowen most enjoys playing with toys that are musical and those that spin and move. He requires assistance from an adult for all daily living tasks.
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