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Sherlock from China



from China

Eight and a half year old Sherlock's file was recently released for adoption. Sherlock is described as an introvert who loves sports, especially kickball, jump rope and dance. He likes to try new experiences and play games with other children. He seems like he would fit right in with a family who has other children! Sherlock is able to articulate and express his needs clearly. He asks questions and asks for explanation. He is noted to have "normal" communication. He can perform addition and subtraction within 10, can recite poems and recognize Chinese Characters. He is very observant and can describe changes that he witnesses, retell stories, and recognize colors. Sherlock's need is listed as post-operative pcromphalus umbilical cord surgery. As a newborn, the performed repair was completed along with an appendicectomy. It does not appear that this need affects his daily function.
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