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Laurana from European Union



from European Union

Laurana was born at 37 weeks gestation from a desired though high-risk pregnancy in December 2017 and has been living in state care since infancy. After spending three years at a large orphanage, she was transferred to a smaller facility at the end of 2020. Laurana has been diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and her symptoms include slow growth, a congenital heart defect (surgically treated), microcephaly, and characteristic facial features, as well as severely delayed development. Laurana is a calm girl who is well-oriented in the familiar schedule and spaces of her daily life. She does not yet have head control but can roll from back to belly. She depends on adult assistance for all activities, including hygiene and feeding. Laurana is completely nonverbal and does not appear to understand the speech of others. Due to her physical and cognitive limitations, Laurana does not actively seek contact with others and does not participate in play. She reacts positively when someone interacts with her directly and smiles in response. A family interested in adopting this sweet girl must be prepared to provide life-long, comprehensive care for her.
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