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Mackenzie from European Union



from European Union

Mackenzie was born in November 2010 and has been diagnosed with hyperkinetic disorder, mild cognitive delay, and epilepsy, specifically complex partial seizures. She takes Neurotop, Convulex, Hedonin and Speridan which have reportedly improved her overall condition. Mackenzie bounced between institutional care and her family of origin until 2014. She has been in state care consistently since then and currently lives in a devoted foster family. Update October 2021: Following a period of aggression toward other children, Mackenzie has been prescribed an additional medication to address these behaviors. Her social worker reports that the treatment is effective, and Mackenzie now enjoys increased social acceptance among peers which, in turn, has led to a greater desire to attend school where her teachers now praise her. Mackenzie is described as a joyful and outgoing child who continues to have a knack for taking care of domestic animals as well as a love of folk dancing. August 2021: A curious girl, Mackenzie shows significant academic gaps and works under an individualized education plan with the help of a psychologist, speech therapist, and resource teacher. Mackenzie’s cognitive functioning is marked by slower thinking and unstable attention and concentration, as well as difficulty with memorization. She communicates verbally, but often loses track within conversations and cannot read nonverbal cues from others. Mackenzie does not have well-developed social skills and struggles to maintain proper personal space. She’s impulsive and requires attention from adults at all times. Mackenzie is interested in joint activities with peers, but frequently experiences rejection due to her challenges with interpersonal relationships. Her elderly foster mother is actively involved in teaching Mackenzie self-control and modeling appropriate behaviors. Mackenzie takes great care of the animals in the foster home and is able to assist with household and gardening tasks. She takes classes in traditional folk dance and is excited for the travel and performance opportunities presented through this participation. Mackenzie prefers active games that involve gross motor skills and likes watching music shows on TV. A family interested in adopting Mackenzie is advised to consult with an international adoption specialist regarding potential future diagnoses, such as FAS.
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