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Marlowe from European Union



from European Union

Marlowe was born in October 2008 and lived with his parents until their separation, following which his home conditions deteriorated. In 2017, Marlowe was taken into state care and now resides in a group home. He has been diagnosed with a syndrome of congenital anomalies, mainly related to short stature, and accompanying epilepsy for which he takes Convulex and Trileptal. He has one to two seizures per month. In 2018 Marlow had Hepatitis A and he also suffers from recurrent bronchitis. His development is delayed and deviations in behavior are noted. Marlowe is a sociable boy who can often be restless and impulsive. He seeks attention from adults and participates in group activities, but when he does not get his way, he manifests aggression toward others, destroys property, and uses offensive language. Marlowe struggles to follow the rules and has difficulty understanding social hierarchy. His social worker reports that in the last 6 months improvements have been seen in Marlowe’s behavior. Marlowe’s delays are most readily apparent in his academic work. As a fifth grade student, he studies under an Individualized Education Program, but lacks proper attention and motivation to make good progress. At this time, Marlowe cannot read and has limited knowledge of mathematical concepts. His thinking process is described as slower though he is well-oriented in time and place. Update April 2021: Marlowe’s social worker reports that his behavior has improved significantly. He is beginning to understand that everyone must follow the rules and respect the authority of adults. Marlowe is also learning that even when he does not get his way, he must continue to act appropriately. Nonetheless, he still tests the boundaries with new staff or teachers. Marlowe continues to be hyperactive and performs better when tasks are short and varied. He studies under an individualized education plan and is beginning to read short words and syllables now. In his spare time, Marlowe likes to color, ride his bike or a scooter, and play tag. His favorite foods are hotdogs and chips. Marlowe dreams of having a family that includes siblings and grandparents and a dog that he hopes to walk. He wants to play with his new family, go on road trips to see cities, and simply be happy together. Marlowe has solid communication skills and is attached to the staff at the group home. He likes riding his bike and hopes to be adopted.
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