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Stanley from European Union



from European Union

Stanley was born in August 2014 and has been diagnosed with moderate developmental delay and disturbances of behavior, taking medication to reduce hyperactivity. He wears glasses to correct his strabismus and may be allergic to bee stings. Stanley has been in state care since being a newborn, including three years in a foster family during which he did not receive any interventions. At this time Stanley lives in a group home for disabled children and youths where he has made marked and continuous developmental progress. A curious child, he attends kindergarten where his academic knowledge does not meet what is typical for his age. He works with a speech therapist, special education teacher, and psychologist. Stanley is an active boy who walks, runs, climbs stairs and is able to use playground equipment. He is well-oriented in his familiar environment and easily adapts to others. Stanley is potty-trained, can feed himself, and is able to dress. He strives to carry out instructions and follow rules and likes to please. Although he shows interest in other children, Stanley prefers contact with adults and seeks their attention and love. He speaks in short sentences and supplements his verbal communication with gestures and facial expressions. He asks and answers some questions. Despite a short attention span, Stanley can complete puzzles with large pieces as well as draw, make crafts, and build with cubes with support. He can receptively identify many objects and his own body parts. Stanley is cooperative, obedient, and always ready to play. He has fun when an adult interacts with him and enjoys exploring together. He likes singing, dancing, and listening to music as well as watching children’s television. This affectionate boy thrives with praise and cuddles and would do well in a family with older siblings.
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