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Kolt from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Updated Apr. 2021: We last advocated for Kolt in October of 2020 and finally got to meet him recently through Virtual Superkids! If you want to learn more about Kolt, don't forget to tune in for our Facebook live presentation on Tuesday, April 20! Kolt is a soft spoken, 6-year-old boy. His caregivers describe him as shy and introverted, and told us that he prefers being in familiar environments and close to those he is comfortable around. Kolt lives in a home with eight other boys and has good relations with his peers. He is currently in kindergarten. Kolt was very sweet when we met with him and he told us that he likes dodgeball, playing outside, slides, and swings. His favorite food is meat, and his favorite animals are dogs and birds. Kolt’s dislikes include cleaning and spicy foods. We also learned that he wants to ‘go to elementary school’ when he grows up. J How sweet! Kolt is currently undergoing treatment for his vision and receives resource classes and speech therapy once per week at school. We still have much more information on Kolt so please contact for more information! Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see his photos and videos! Could your family be the one he needs? Previous post: Meet Kolt, a sweet 5.5 year old little boy. Kolt has good interactions with his peers, is not timid, and interacts with others naturally. He often takes the initiative to help his caregivers with household chores and enjoys being a ‘little helper’. Videos of Kolt show that he can understand instructions, take initiative to express his needs and thoughts in conversation, and is super impressive at kicking a ball! Kolt’s file also indicates he is a great climber, loves to run, and dribbles a ball well. What an active little guy! Kolt can feed himself, bathe himself, dress himself, and assist with simple house chores. Kolt has some developmental delays and receives physiotherapy and speech therapy every week. He is also currently receiving treatment for his vision. For more information, please request to view his file. We know that Kolt enjoys working puzzles, playing with educational toys, and watching T.V. When he sees other children at the institution match with an adoptive family, Kolt expresses his envy to the placement social worker and anticipates finding his adoptive family very soon. Could Kolt be your son? If you are interested in learning more about Kolt, please contact for more information about him becoming a part of your family! Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see Kolt’s adorable photos!
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