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Aaniyah from Texas



from Texas

Aaniyah is a very creative child who enjoys reading and listening to music. She enjoys creating figures with her Lego set and has created 3 items that she really enjoys and cherishes. Aaniyah also enjoys playing board games. She likes most games, but her favorite game to play is UNO. Aaniyah loves to spend time with friends both indoors and outdoors, as long as she's playing. If she isn't inside being creative, reading or watching movies, she is outside kicking around a soccer ball. She may even be playing tag or jumping rope. Aaniyah's favorite foods are chicken nuggets, hot dogs, ice cream and cake. She loves being in the choir and singing for people. She also enjoys singing while her brother plays the drums. Aaniyah loves making silly faces with her brother that make both of them laugh. Aaniyah has a nice collection of stuffed animals that she loves to show off to others. Each one has a name with their own personality, and she is great at describing all of her fuzzy friends. Aaniyah will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Aaniyah and Maiki are a sibling group who are very loving and close with one another. They enjoy playing together but they also enjoy their alone time as well. They enjoy watching movies and playing games together. They like to challenge one another to a game of UNO or work together to build Legos. They both love music and may one day have a family band with Aaniyah as the lead singer and Maiki playing the drums. Listening to music is one of their favorite past times that they can enjoy together. Aaniyah is very protective over Maiki and is constantly looking out for him. Maiki looks up to Aaniyah and will at times mimic her behaviors. Maiki enjoys playing sports with his favorites being basketball and football. Aaniyah's favorite sport is soccer. Maiki and Aaniyah love playing with friends and enjoy laughing. They both make each other laugh by being silly and making funny faces. Aaniyah and Maiki enjoy having desert anytime of the day! Aaniyah likes cake and ice cream, while Maiki enjoys cupcakes.

Aaniyah's forever family will be very resourceful. Her family will use positive reinforcement techniques with parenting and provide a structured environment with clear boundaries. Her family will also be active and enjoy the outdoors. The ideal family will be involved in fun community activities.

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