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Abel from Texas



from Texas

Abel is a star waiting to come shine. He has a love for music. When things get him down, he turns on his music and this helps him get in a good mood again. He is wanting a fresh start at a better life. He wants a family will help him know what unconditional love is. He enjoys being active and hanging out with peers his age and has lots of friends. He enjoys playing sports and likes playing video games as well when he gets bored. Abel has a big appetite and likes to eat fast food as well as home cooked meals. Some of his favorite foods include pizza, wings, nuggets, and burgers. He is super excited about the possibility of being adopted as long as he is still able to communicate with his other siblings that are not part of this adoption.

Abel's forever family will provide lots of love and patience. His forever family to help him grow, learn, and trust. Once he feels safe, he will smile and shine. Just like his love for music, he will touch his families lives in a positive way for all those that give him a chance to shine. He is wanting a fresh start at a better life. His forever family will show him what unconditional love is. He wants a family with a mom and dad and he wants to be able to stay in contact with his siblings. He will require work, patience and lots of love. There will be smiles and tears, but he is worth it.

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