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Abigail from Texas



from Texas

Abigail is honest, confident and outgoing. She loves to draw, paint, and read. She is a strong advocate for what she wants and doesn't want. She is very bonded to her siblings although, most have been adopted. She sometimes becomes emotional when discussing her bio family and siblings. Abigail loves helping others and teaching others how to do things. She is a natural leader and can get others to follow her lead. Abigail has a lot of anxiety and stress about what is going to happen with her long term. She needs a lot of reassurance and positive reinforcement. Abigail has some challenging behaviors as she was placed in charge of younger siblings with her bio family. Abigail is at heart a nurturing child. She has been able to thrive in the care of a structured but yet nurturing family.

Abigail's forever family will be supportive and consistent for her growth and development. She would like a younger family that is active and would like to have more sisters than brothers in her family. Her family will benefit from a family that is patient and structured home environment. She would benefit from lots of one on one time. Her family will provide encouragement and positive reinforcement when she does well. Her family will provide a stable, consistent, and nurturing family in which boundaries, rules, and expectations are clearly defined. Her family will provide her with guidance and can model positive behaviors.

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