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Abigail from Texas



from Texas

Abigail is a very friendly and caring girl. She loves to wander and discover nature and is a big animal lover. She is naturally creative and loves to express herself through art. She likes to sing and states she believe in God and is proud of having faith. Upon initially meeting Abigail, she's often been mistaken for being older due to her exceeding height. However, she wants to be nurtured, loved, and given the chance to act her age. She loves her baby dolls, she will take them everywhere with her, they are one of the most important items of physical value to her. She's currently interested in learning how to play volleyball. Abigail will be a very good addition to a loving, nurturing and caring forever family.

Abigail's forever family will show her unconditional love, and allow her to be her expressive and imaginative self. She would benefit from a family who will display a great amount of patience and allow Abigail to slowly lower her guard down and built trust with the family. Her family will provide the constant reassurance she craves and needs. Abigail wants a mother to do mother-daughter activities with, one who will be proud of her, love her, and be so visibly protective of her. She would love to have someone take some time and teach her different recreational activities.

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