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Adam from Texas



from Texas

Adam is a fun and caring youth. He might take some time to warm up to others, but once he does, he will be himself and isn't afraid to open up. Adam describes himself as "a fun person and I like people who give me good advice and confidence." He is very affectionate towards those that he loves and isn't afraid to show his emotional side when he is comfortable. Adam is like many teenagers who loves to hang out with his friends and do fun things. In his downtime, he enjoys getting out his drawing tool essentials and putting his imagination to the paper. Adam also enjoys coloring and his favorite subject in school is art. When he wants to wind down, he will listen to music and watch some T.V. Adam is a growing teenager which means he needs food as fuel! Some of his favorite foods are pizza and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Adam can't wait to be adopted by a loving family who likes to have fun and laugh!

Adam would prefer a mom and a dad or a single-parent home. He would do best in a home with kids older than him or no kids at all. Adam would really like a family who is just as loving and affectionate as he is. He is very family-oriented child and once he is bonded to a family he will also care about their wants and needs. It may take him a while to warm up to a new family, so a family who can be patient with him during his transition would benefit him the most.

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