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Aden from Texas



from Texas

Aden is a very smart and talented child who is practically a genius. He is extremely clever and diagnosed with Autism. Aden attends public school and does very well there. He enjoys space and other scientific topics, and his favorite subjects are Math and Science. After high school, Aden has goals to go to college. Aden is very self-sufficient, requires little supervision and likes to do things by himself. Aden has a desire to work with animals or be able to see animals and often talks about going to the zoo. He thrives with a structured schedule. Aden is easily redirected with limiting iPad and electronic access. Aden's emotions are very neutral as he does not express many emotions. He is very straightforward and can verbalize his needs.

Aden's forever family will be one that is attentive, loving, and patient. Aden's family will work to earn his trust through stability, consistency and care. Aden will thrive in a two-parent home that can provide Aden with a structured and active schedule. Aden's family will keep him engaged in doing fun things with them. His family should know that the sky is the limit for Aden's potential as he has made so much progress.

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