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Aisha from Texas



from Texas

Aisha is an extrovert and is not shy to express her feelings and voice her opinion. She enjoys spending time as a family and having family movie nights. Aisha is a very athletic girl who enjoys playing sports, specifically basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Aisha is a very talkative, friendly, and self-motivated youth. She takes pride in making good grades at school and is very studious. Aisha states her favorite subject in school is Math. She would like to pursue a career as a border patrol agent or a private investigator. In her free time, Aisha enjoys working out, playing video games, and hanging out in the swimming pool. She also likes to read and play table games. Some of her favorite foods include birria tacos, brisket sandwiches and fajitas.

Aisha desires a two-parent household who is encouraging of her extracurricular activities and her love for sports. She is ready to see her family wear her name proudly when cheering for her at games! She envisions herself making new memories with her forever family. Her family will be open to her continuing contact and maintaining a relationship with her siblings. Her family will be active and encourage her to participate in community activities, school functions, and sporting events. Her family will provide an environment with structure and stability. Aisha gets along well with other children, especially those who are younger as she likes to be a role model for them. She has shown to be very respectful towards adults and caregivers.

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