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Aisha from Texas



from Texas

Aisha enjoys being an active youth! She enjoys playing several sports such as football and basketball. Aisha likes to have her alone time, but she is also able to keep a conversation going with those who she is comfortable around. She expresses her opinions in a mature manner and is open to listening to other's thoughts as well. Aisha has a social nature and she makes friends easily. She describes herself as caring, strong, and as a hard worker. Aisha is not a picky eater and she enjoys a variety of food; however Mexican food is her favorite. She does well in school her favorite subject is science. Aisha is open to adoption; she loves her siblings and is looking forward to finding a forever home with them!

Aisha, Elizabeth, and Giovanni cannot wait to join their forever family! Although the three siblings have individual interests, they interact well with one another and enjoy playing with phones or tablets and spending time outdoors together. The children enjoy traveling together and making fun memories. The road trips they take let them to sight-see and learn together. Elizabeth is the eldest of the siblings, she is also the most reserved, but will open up to you as she gets comfortable. Aisha is the more athletic sibling and she likes to make the others laugh. Giovanni enjoys spending time with his sisters. These three maintain good communication with their siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. The children enjoy celebrating all occasions and having a fun time on outings and celebrations. Together, the siblings have a good connection with each other. They enjoy spending time together, catching up, and sharing stories.

Aisha wishes to be adopted by a two-parent household who is encouraging of her extracurricular activities and her love for sports. She is ready to see her family wear her name proudly when chanting for her at games! Aisha is interested in a mom and a dad for herself and siblings. She envisions herself making new memories with her forever family. Aisha would also want her forever family to be open to her continuing contact and maintaining a relationship with her older brothers who are not a part of this adoption. She will benefit from a family who is active and encourages her to participate in community activities, school functions, and sporting events. Her family will provide an environment with structure and stability.

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