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Alan from Texas



from Texas

Alan is a sweet, energetic, and outgoing young boy. He is very bright and enjoys learning fun facts about the world and figuring out how things work. Alan is a creative, intelligent and inquisitive child. He enjoys drawing, doing arts and crafts and playing his piano. Alan plays well with others; he enjoys riding bikes outside with friends in the neighborhood or playing Roblox. He is not sure what he would like to be when he grows up but has expressed interest in the field of Technology. He is very resourceful and resilient; he has great leadership skills and is an excellent communicator. Alan is not a picky eater but does prefer to eat on the healthier side. Alan's favorite subject in school science and and anything to do with technology.

Alan would do well in a two-parent household where he is the only child. Alan's forever family will allow him to remain in contact with his siblings. Alan likes people who are interested in art, technology, and music. Alan's family will be active and involved in his life and interests. Alan's family will engage in various activities in the home and provide reassurance and support.

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