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Alea from Texas



from Texas

Alea is a very independent teen. She can be quite reserved at times, but she enjoys people once they gain her trust. Alea sometimes has a hard time expressing how she feels if she believes there are consequences for her actions. Alea advocates for herself and knows how to set goal and accomplish goals. She enjoys sports, especially basketball and track. Like many teens her age, she loves social media and having access to her phone and tablet. Alea is a smart girl. At times she feels overwhelmed by large crowds, if she feels overwhelmed, she will appear withdrawn or ask to take long walks for comfort. For the most part, Alea is a very respectful teen who enjoys eating out and playing video games. She loves to take pictures and have the developed with old school cameras. Alea also enjoys reading anime novels or fiction books.

The ideal forever family for Alea will have a lot of patience as they work towards building trust and bonding. Her family will provide structure, supervision, and positive reinforcement. Alea does not have to be the only child in the home, but she may benefit from being in a smaller family.

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