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Aleigha from Texas



from Texas

Aleigha is a pleasant, friendly youth who loves going shopping and being involved in some sports. She wants very much to be adopted by a family who will love and respect her. She has a willingness to try new things to see if it is something she will enjoy. She has a keen sense of fair play and does not like to see injustice in any form. Aleigha is fun to be around and has quite a few friends. She is comfortable talking with anyone. She likes to cook, do arts and crafts, and play games. She likes going to school and gets very good grades. Aleigha is also interested in watching television, going to movies, hiking, and swimming as she likes staying active. She has a very sweet and mature personality and will do well in almost any home setting. Aleigha will be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Aleigha's forever family will provide a firm and consistent structured home. Her family will be able to be firm without sounding angry or mean. Her family will provide love and respect. Aleigha's forever family will talk through issues and listen to her feelings about life and daily goings on.

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