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Alic from Texas



from Texas

Alic is a very outgoing boy who enjoys having a good time! He is a huge fan of WWE and hopes to one day become a wrestler himself. Alic loves anything WWE related such as, watching WWE on T.V. or playing WWE video games. He also loves the NBA team Golden State Warriors. When Alic isn't indoors, he is outside looking for adventure. He enjoys riding his bike and playing basketball with friends. Alic is also a growing boy, which means he loves food! Some of his favorites include pizza, hamburgers, and shrimp fried rice. Alic can be soft spoken and is very polite. He is looking forward to having a forever family who will support his dreams of becoming a wrestler one day and who he can go on adventures with!

Alic will do best in a two-parent home with a strong father figure. He will benefit from having someone who can take him under their wing and guide him through life. Alic will thrive in a family where he is the only child. His family will be patient with him as he adjusts. Alic can take some time to trust others, so he will benefit from a family who can work on building that foundation of trust and stability. His family will continue to access the necessary resources for Alic. Alic's family will be supportive of his education and push him to completing his goals. He would like a family who will introduce him to new activities and adventures and who will not give up on him when times get tough.

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