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Andrew from Texas



from Texas

Andrew is an outgoing, sweet, adventurous, and loving boy. He is knowledgeable and articulate and enjoys having a full-on conversation with anyone who is willing. He can be funny and likes to make people laugh. He loves playing indoors with hot wheels but also loves to play outdoors with a soccer ball. He enjoys playing on his tablet, listening to music, playing guitar, and playing video games. Andrew loves eating hamburgers, chicken nuggets, fries, and lots of ketchup. He enjoys engaging with his peers but also likes to hang out with adults. He thrives with one on one attention. Patience and kindness are fundamental values to be able to connect with Andrew. One of the most remarkable things about him is his self-awareness. Andrew responds well to physical touch and hugs. Check out my KVUE Forever film below! https://youtu.be/ZL5Psw4mCJU

Andrew would best benefit from a two-parent home. He would enjoy older siblings that are positive role models but is open to be an only child. His forever family will be structured, consistent, calming, and patient. Andrew's family will spend quality time with him. Andrew's family will be active, energetic, and enjoys family activities. Andrew is open to a home with friendly animals.

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