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Angel from Texas



from Texas

Angel is a happy, friendly, outgoing, and very social young boy. He is curious and loves exploring new things. His hobbies include drawing, watching TV or movies, and playing with other children. His favorite food is ravioli, but he enjoys eating other foods too. He likes to hold hands and is good with babies. He is energetic, he likes to receive attention, and "clown" to make his peers laugh. He is a good helper and likes to tell others what to do. His favorite color is red. When outside, he likes to ride his bike, swing, kick a ball, and blow bubbles. He loves to be outside and enjoys playing soccer and basketball. When he is inside, he enjoys coloring, playing with Legos, and with Play-Doh. He is not a big fan of cats but is okay with dogs. He can be bold. He has a very caring and affectionate personality. He understands what is asked of him and learning to express himself verbally or through sign language.

Angel's family will be patient and consistent. He will benefit from a family with structure and routine. His family will meet his needs. He will do well with a two-parent family or a single parent. One or both parents needs to be assertive and be patient with him while he is learning to best manage and express his feelings. He would do well with a young sibling since he is sweet and helpful or with an older sibling to model after. He is ready to share his love with his forever family.

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