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Angelina from Texas



from Texas

Angelina is a very funny and happy young lady. Her favorite outdoor activities include camping, swimming, and watching theatre outdoors. Some of her hobbies include anything to do with anime, such as collecting figurines and any collectible item. Angelina also enjoys watching anything on TV that involves anime, as she considers herself a huge anime fan. She also enjoys indoor activities such as bowling, playing video games and skating. Angelina does well academically, and her favorite subject is art. She enjoys agriculture and horticulture at school as well. Angelina's personality is a quiet and introverted nature. She enjoys being social but has a small group of friends who take a similar interest. Angelina doesn't like bringing attention to herself but can accept praise and compliments when given.

Angelina would do best in a home with a two-parent household (a mother and a father). Her family will provide her with a structured home where she is able to be a normal teenager. She would also do well in a home with another child her age.

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