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Aniah from Texas



from Texas

Aniah is a sweet child who loves to be outside and around others. Those who know Aniah describe her as fun and intelligent! She is reportedly eager to learn and does well when given simple responsibilities to manage. Aniah likes being cuddled by animals. She enjoys reading, swinging on the swing set, and watching TV. Aniah enjoys watching cartoons, movies, and music videos. Aniah's favorite toys are bead-making kits; she loves creating arts and crafts. She enjoys giving her bead creations to others. She likes to be praised for her hard work and creations. Aniah likes to take short walking trips around the neighborhood and explore new places. Some of her favorite foods include grilled chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. Aniah is described as a ball of fun, full of love and laughter.

Aniah's forever family will dedicate time into learning about her needs and learning how to set-up the best possible environment for her. Aniah's family will be committed to her for a lifetime. Aniah loves spending time with her visiting resources who would love to stay connected with her after being adopted. Any family constellation that feels they can meet Aniah's needs will be considered. She interacts well with children her age and older.

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