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Annabel from Texas



from Texas

Annabel is all "girl". She loves swimming, going to the movies, and playing outside. Although she plays well with other children, Annabel usually wants to be the focal point and will often pursue being the center of attention. She likes to be able to earn rewards for accomplishing tasks and will usually work hard for them. Annabel does not like change and needs consistent schedules and boundaries. She has a desire to feel meaningful and important to others and will go out of her way to seek confirmation. Annabel has a strong desire to be adopted and loved by her own forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

Annabel will do well in a family where she is the only child in the home, at least initially. She will do best with an experienced family who has successfully handled challenging behaviors. She needs a family with knowledge of the school system and how to work with educators to develop and execute a plan of academic success for her. Annabel needs a highly structured and consistent home environment with specific and clear rules that are easy for children to understand. A two-parent household will be best for her. Annabel has difficulty adjusting to new environments and will do best in a home where expectations, rules, and schedules are kept consistent to allow her to adjust.

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