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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony is a youth who enjoys playing outdoors with his friends. He also likes playing sports, specifically football and basketball. When he isn't playing sports or hanging out with his friends, Anthony enjoys spending time playing video games. He is looking forward to one day being able to attend a NFL football game as well as a NBA basketball game. Anthony has dreams of traveling and exploring the world. He tends to be rather shy when first meeting someone but warms up once he feels comfortable. Anthony has been described as a respectful and sweet boy. He likes attending school and usually makes good grades. Anthony makes friends quickly with others who share similar interests. He enjoys a variety of foods, especially pizza, burgers, and Mexican food. He says that funny movies and his friends make him laugh.

Anthony will thrive in a one-parent household. He responds well to a mother figure that is loving and nurturing, but also firm in guiding him. His forever family will be structured and have clear expectations, while offering patience and support.

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