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Aria from Texas



from Texas

As an outdoor enthusiast, Aria is very active and full of energy. She prefers playing basketball and softball or riding her bike outdoors rather than being indoors and playing with dolls. Although she has never played on a team, Aria would love the opportunity to play for a softball or basketball team. She considers herself a team player and a hard worker. She aspires to become a professional basketball player when she grows up. Once Aria has warmed up to a new environment, she makes friends easily. Aria enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She likes family game nights, watching movies and playing cards. Aria has a healthy appetite. Some of her favorite foods are pizza, Thai foods and Korean cuisine.

Noah and Aria like playing video games and watching movies together. They are both outgoing and enjoy playing sports such as basketball and baseball. This duo knows the importance of being team players, takes playing sports very seriously and is in it to win it. When they aren't playing sports, you'll find them singing, dancing, or trying to bring a smile to your face. Noah and Aria like to goof around and make the most of their day. They share their love of American, Italian, and Chinese foods. Both children aspire to go to college! One wants to be a doctor, while the other wants to be a social worker. Family is essential to Noah and Aria. This sibling duo is athletic, competitive and adventure-seeking. They'll keep a fun atmosphere in any home.

Aria is eager to be adopted. Her family will provide her with love and support, be patient, understanding, and kind. Aria's family will provide a home that is structured, consistent with rules, and will be able to provide a lot of stability. Aria responds well to positive reinforcement. Aria's family will commit to her while providing her with the attention and guidance she needs to be successful. She interacts well with other children but also enjoys having time to herself. Aria's family will support her receiving continued support services.

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