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Athena from Texas



from Texas

Athena is a charming and affectionate girl who embodies her love for all things princess. From dolls, to dress up, to pretend play to twirling in dresses, Athena delights in the little things. She follows her older siblings like a shadow, eager to mimic their every move. While Athena enjoys following her older sister's lead sometimes, she's also becoming increasingly independent. At daycare and school, Athena thrives in social settings, easily playing with children of all ages. Her positive and silly spirit shines through, especially when she's having fun with her brother and sister. Always up for a new adventure and excited to meet new people. Athena intelligence, and eagerness to learn shine through. She will be a wonderful addition to a loving and caring family.

The three siblings, Athena, Stormie, and Jayden, share an inseparable bond. Jayden, the eldest sibling, takes on a protective role. He watches over his sisters, Athena and Stormie, ensuring their well-being and that their needs are met. Stormie, the middle child, possesses a natural leader spirit. She seeks to take charge and organize fun activities for everyone. Athena, the youngest and a free spirit, admires her siblings and delights in following their lead on their adventures. Athena and Stormie, especially, have a close, supportive relationship. They lean on each other emotionally, like most sisters. This sibling groups love for one another is undeniable and can be seen in their interactions with each another. They cherish spending time together, especially outdoors. Whether it's playing at the park, riding bikes, or inventing imaginative games of tag, they find endless joy in each other's company.

Athena will thrive in a stable environment alongside her siblings. Her forever family will consist of a two-parent household with a mother and father figure. It's crucial that her family is trauma-informed. Daily, consistent support from both parents will be beneficial for Athena. Her family will provide Athena with an active lifestyle and enjoy spending time outdoors engaging in age-appropriate activities.

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