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Axel from Texas



from Texas

Axel is an active young man. He is a sports enthusiast. He is interested in football, basketball, and video games. He keeps himself mostly but has the ability to be social in events where there are other children his age (i.e. dances, sporting events, etc). Axel's personality is laid back, relaxed, and not overthinking situations. Axel can adjust to new environments, is physically fit, and has a desire to be a typical teenager. Axel is doing significantly well in school and is thriving in school. He indicated that math is his favorite subject and has the ability to perform it effortlessly. Axel can make a friend easily when speaking of sports. He is interested in joining a basketball and/or a football team while in school. He also plans to be in training camps to build his athletic skills during the off-season.

Axel and Adair have a strong bond with each other and have each other's best interests at heart. Their connection is so strong that they will not go without conversing with each other for a day. In school, they motivate each other to do their best and give their best effort in all their subjects. The children have been a comfort to each other during hard times and are often able to laugh about some of their experiences shared. Adair is learning to build her coping skills and always looking for creative ways to express herself through reading books or creating art in her drawing books. Axel has built his social skills by partaking in team sports at his school; this avenue has allowed him to build friendships with other boys his age and helped him to utilize his social skills. Adair and Axel continue to thrive in care and show immense resilience.

Axel would benefit from a two-parent home, who are involved in the community and are active. His family will be familiar with teens and typical teen behavior. His forever family will be willing to keep Axel active in sports and support his drive to be athletic. His family will be loving, patient and supportive.

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