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Aydan from Texas



from Texas

Aydan is a smart young man who just recently dedicated his life to Christ by being baptized. He is learning to make smart and positive decisions as he gets older. Aydan enjoys cooking meals, going swimming, reading books, riding bikes, and playing video games. He is evolving into a considerate and patient young man. He is learning and willing to be more cooperative with different situations that come his way. Aydan likes going fishing and likes watching movies. He enjoys reading class, math class, and history class in school. Aydan likes talking with others and doing different activities with peers. He would like to be successful in life and when asked about one wish he would have, Ayden said one wish is for the world to be a better place.

Step up and meet Reanna, Aydan, Ricky. This sibling group of three love one another and enjoy each other's company. Their personalities are very complimentary of one another and make this sibling group so much fun. Aydan has stepped into the big brother role and is the one his siblings go to whenever they need to talk. Reanna loves to take on a motherly role and take charge of the boys. The siblings speak to one another with comfort and love and enjoy being each other's support system. Reanna and Ricky are joined at the hip, they are like two peas in a pod. Of course, like all siblings, they don't always see eye to eye but they work through their differences quickly. Aydan, Ricky, and Reanna are able to play together but still enjoy being their own individuals. This sibling group like to be outside and they love animals and caring for them.

Aydan would like to be in a home with Christian parents that have a strong faith in God, as he was recently baptized. He wants a father that can be a strong male influence in his life that can do things with him outdoors and work with his hands. Aydan would like a mother that is nurturing and can cook with him.

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