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Ayden from Texas



from Texas

Ayden is a very sensitive, happy, energetic, and protective child. He enjoys the company of others and you can usually find him being social and enjoying being a kid. Ayden likes to have his way; however, he is working on expressing his emotions appropriately when he has these feelings. He interacts well with older children and loves to be around a lot of children. Ayden is diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia. He has a very healthy appetite and likes to eat a variety of different foods. Ayden enjoys playing video games, playing outdoors, and watching television. His favorite games are Nintendo video games.

Ayden needs a patient, loving, and nurturing family who will make him feel safe and secure. His family will need to allow him time to develop a relationship with them. They will need to ensure he receives any services required for him to reach all of his milestones. This includes being an effective advocate for his educational and therapeutic needs in the future. Ayden needs a family who will provide him supervision, praise, and encouragement. He will thrive with a family that loves him unconditionally and who will be committed to all of his short and long term needs.

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