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Benito from Texas



from Texas

Benito is a very bright young boy! He communicates by using some sign language and he can say two to three-word sentences at times. Benito understands what is being told to him verbally or being physically demonstrated to him. He loves to eat and has a big appetite! Benito especially loves pancakes, and he will ask for more even when his stack is high. He also enjoys macaroni and cheese. Benito is a quiet youth at times, but he does like to hum and sing. He will sing songs that he has recently learned. Benito enjoys reading with someone there to help him, and he can even read on a 4th grade level with one on one assistance. He can use a keyboard very well and is great with any sort of technology, such as tablets or computers. He enjoys watching Disney XD and always knows exactly which channel it comes on.

The ideal family for Benito will be one who can offer him life-long commitment. He needs a family who can be very patient with his unique needs. Benito has a lot of love to offer a family. His family will demonstrate they are committed to him throughout his life. The ideal family should have experience with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Benito's family will be knowledgeable about accessing services such as speech and occupational therapy, and applied behavioral analysis therapy for him.

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