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Benito from Texas



from Texas

Benito is a very bright boy. He communicates by using sign language. He can recognize words and is able to recognize what is being communicated to him. Benito needs a lot of one on one interaction in his daily routine to help him through tough situations. He tends to keep to himself even though other kids try to play with him. He definitely likes his space and to have whatever toys he feels like playing with. Benito is learning how to share more with his peers each day. He loves to eat! Benito especially loves pancakes and will ask for more even when his stack is high. He is a sweetheart but not outwardly affectionately. Benito does enjoy reading with someone there to help him.

The ideal family for Benito will be one who will be able to offer him life-long commitment. He needs a home that can be very patient with his unique needs. Benito has a lot of love to offer a family. The family needs to be able to demonstrate that they will be committed to him. Benito cannot do certain things on his own and a family with experience with Autism will be beneficial.

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