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Braydon from Texas



from Texas

Braydon is a very sweet child who enjoys going horseback riding and swimming. Braydon loves being in the country and around horses. He has an interest in rock collecting and being in the outdoors. He also likes to go camping and fishing. Some of his other interests include video games, Legos, and My Little Pony. Braydon describes himself as a nice child. He likes to eat chicken nuggets, pizza, and chicken cutlets. Braydon can be easily distracted at times. He wants very much to have a forever family. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of Greater Wichita Falls.

Braydon is not picky about the family he gets, but would like to have a sibling. He will do well with a family who has lots of love and patience. A family who is experienced, has the time to help him reach his full potential, and give him the attention he needs is ideal. He will benefit from parents who are calm. A family who lives in the country would be a great bonus for Braydon. Braydon's family will work with him on achieving everything he is capable of. He needs endless love and support as he figures out how to be a kid again! Braydon has a sister who is not part of this adoption but with whom he has a strong relationship, and he would like to maintain contact. Families who live in Texas would be preferred, but all families will be considered.

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