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Briar from Texas



from Texas

Briar is a very sweet young boy who loves to be held and have his back stroked. He has an outgoing and friendly personality with everyone. He is soft-spoken and usually answers you by "echoing" what you say, but they can also answer direct questions. His verbal skills have significantly improved. Briar is highly intelligent and comprehends any instructions given to him. His teachers and caregivers described him as high functioning and very sweet. Briar has a good sense of humor. Sometimes his curiosity gets the best of him, and he will explore, so line-of-sight supervision is always needed. He loves logos and drawing them or even creating his own. Briar can identify different logos (such as Blockbuster, Amazon, and Honda). He is good at identifying different makes and models of cars! He is very intelligent when it comes to electronics and can figure out how almost anything works. He really enjoys sensory toys. Briar likes going on outings to the park and eating pizza and southwestern bacon cheeseburgers. He is good at reading and enjoys it. Briar is fascinated with pools.

Briar will do best with a traditional family with a mother and father. His forever family will understand the joys and responsibility of caring for a child with autism, who is active and can be challenging at times. Briar's family will be a patient and understanding family who will ensure he receives any supportive services he may need. His family will be resourceful in locating and utilizing services to help him reach his full potential. Briar will do well with a family where he will have 24-hour care. He will do well with a family that enjoys outdoor activities such as walking at the park and swimming.

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