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Bryanna from Texas



from Texas

Bryanna, who prefers being called Bry, thrives off positive praise and reinforcement. Bry loves playing with her baby dolls, walking them in their stroller, having tea parties, and watching Frozen. She enjoys playing outside on the playground or coloring the sidewalks with chalk. Her favorite foods are McDonalds' chicken nuggets with a blue Powerade, pancakes, and all things fruit especially bananas. Bry is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and has some limitations in communication but can understand what is being said or asked of her. Bry likes picture books and being read to and taught new songs. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves having her nails painted. She enjoys spending time with familiar people. Bry has a loving personality and a contagious smile. She is very affectionate and likes being the center of attention. Bry also loves being a helper to others. She would be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Bry's forever family will be one who is committed to being nurturing and willing to assist her in reaching her goals with the proper resources. Bry's family will spend time with her and engage her in extracurricular activities. Bry thrives with a predictable and structured environment that continues to promote positive progress. Bry will flourish in a single parent or two-parent home who offers patience and consistency along with active supervision. Bryanna does well with other children in the home.

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