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Bryce from Texas



from Texas

Bryce is a big-hearted child with a lot to offer. He is friendly, loving, and kind. He has recently begun a new interest in art and coloring and is interested in Percy Jackson books. He has a fun sense of humor and likes it when adults are happy with him. He is very loyal to people that he trusts and builds strong attachments. He loves all kinds of animals, but dogs are his favorite and he would love to have a horse one day. One of Bryce's favorite things to do is play with Legos or anything else that he can build. He likes riding his bike but also likes being home watching television and playing games. He does best in a country setting where he can explore and learn. He loves going places and is always looking for ways to help people he sees. He benefits from receiving support when he is in school or in those times when he feels upset or frustrated. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Bryce wants to be a part of a family that is his own. He craves attention and security and wants to be loved. He wants a connection with a family that will always be there during the good and bad days. His forever family will help him handle his frustrations and emotions. His forever family will find the best supports for him to make more progress in all areas, physically, developmentally and emotionally. Bryce's forever family will provide a structured living environment. They will also provide support and encouragement. His forever family will provide love and security. He will do best in a home with clear expectations and consequences but one that can first build a connection with him as this appears to be the way that he responds best. His forever family will have parenting experience and a strong support system. He wants a family that loves animals as much as he does. He would like to live on a farm in the country and would love to have horses. The best family for Bryce will be active, enjoy the outdoors but also enjoy being home and playing board games and video games. Bryce wants to have a home and a family of his own.

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