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Caleb from Texas



from Texas

Caleb enjoys being around others. He tends to be a little shy when first meeting new people, but he really opens up once he feels more comfortable and is outgoing and very talkative. Caleb is bright and loves attending school and being around his teachers and friends. Caleb enjoys going on group outings like the movies, bowling, trampoline parks and playing outside. He also enjoys skateboarding and playing video games. Caleb successfully completed the fall season of soccer and enjoyed it. He has shown interest in playing next fall. Caleb's favorite color is green, like the Hulk, whom he chose to dress up as for Halloween. He loves dinosaurs and oceanic animals. While he does not particularly enjoy cooking, he loves to eat! His favorite foods are ice cream, chicken nuggets, pizza and waffles.

Caleb will do best in a two-parent household. He will thrive in a family who has structure, and clear and concise expectations. Caleb will benefit from being able to make clear choices and having consistency. He would like a family who is patient with him and who will help him with his future. Caleb looks forward to joining a loving family who takes care of him and loves him.

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