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Carla from Texas



from Texas

Carla is a sweet girl but can be funny at times. She likes soaking in the beauty of nature and has a desire to travel and see the world. Carla enjoys spending time in the mountains, but also by the ocean. She loves to travel, likes horses, swimming, and being outdoors. If she could spend all of her free time splashing in the pool, she absolutely would. Carla enjoys being on the swim team during the school season. When she is not swimming, she enjoys riding her bike and playing soccer. Carla likes listening to music and painting. Carla's relationships are important to her and she likes to talk and stay connected. Carla likes to make new friends. She has a strong sense of justice and sticks up for her the people around her.

Carla would love to be a part of a family that can share the love of animals with her. Carla would thrive in a family who is nurturing, structured, and consistent. Carla will do well with a family who is active and enjoys being outdoors. Carla's potential family must be strong advocates for the support services she needs to thrive at home and school. Carla longs to make meaningful connections and she will thrive with caregivers who will take the time for one-on-one activities and conversations.

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