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Cesar from Texas



from Texas

Cesar is a sweet and entertaining young boy. His personality is described as bubbly and full of character. He really looks forward to finding his forever family. Cesar really enjoys playing with all kinds of toys and especially likes playing video games. He has a big appetite for tostadas and yummy burgers. Cesar loves taking a splash in the pool whenever he gets a chance. Summertime is his favorite time of the year! He is very well behaved, and he loves saying his ABC's and reading aloud. Cesar's favorite toys are Mario and LEGO Batman. He loves being tickled to get a good laugh in and enjoys playing racecars with his brothers. Cesar loves receiving attention; he's a fun sweet young boy.

Cesar looks forward to finding a forever family who will accept him. He benefits from receiving additional attention, as he can be easily distracted at times. Cesar needs a family who will provide guidance, patience, and love. He will do well with a family with experience.

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