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Chance from Texas



from Texas

Chance is a very energetic, talented, and wonderful boy. He says that he takes life one day at a time and no matter what adversity that has presented itself through his life he still has the willpower and determination to persevere. Chance interacts well with children his own age. He is working on improving his ability to listen and follow directions. He enjoys spending time reading, being outdoors, and playing video games. He likes to show off riding his bike and playing on the playground. Chance does struggle when changes are presented to him but he works on adapting and assimilating to new life events. Chance can be easily distracted at times therefore he requires patience and frequent prompts. He has an amazing memory and has no problem speaking his mind. He is very independent and likes to accomplish tasks on his own. Chance enjoys attending school. He is strong minded, determined, and dynamic. Chance enjoys being pushed to excel in life and has no limits on what he would like to achieve. Chance is ready to feel part of a family and has the desire to find his perfect fit.

A good family for Chance will be one that is patient, understanding, and willing to work through struggles. Chance would like a family that is nice yet provides structure and consistency. He desires to be in an environment where he is allowed to exercise his recreational needs. Chance enjoys playing inside or outside.

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