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Christian from Texas



from Texas

Please meet Christian! He describes himself as a fun boy who hopes for a family who will encourage his sense of independence. Christian enjoys talking and never seems to meet a stranger. He loves to get to know new faces. Christian benefits from encouragement and motivation from his parents to make him feel more sure of himself. He does well when he is given time to process and then discuss what he is thinking. When Christian feels safe and secure in his forever home you will see lots of smiles and hear lots of jokes. Christian will often be heard throughout the house singing.

Chloe and Christian love doing things together. These twins like to have rap contest and dance offs to see who the best dancer is. They enjoy watching music videos together and doing the dances after watching the videos. The siblings love watching movies in the theater or just watching at home together. Get these two together and they will race on skates! It's hard to keep up with them when they are zooming by on wheels. These two love to draw and paint. Their new crafting hobby is making bracelets and venturing into to anklets. Chloe and Christian really enjoy just sitting down talking to each other and laughing. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Christian will benefit from a strong, compassionate family with a heart for pre-teens. Life experiences have led him to be independent and have leadership qualities. Christian enjoys interacting with new people, but he begins to really open up after he gets to know someone. He values the people in his life who have been consistent and he desires individual attention from them. Christian's forever family will be structured and patient when building trust in their relationship with their son. His forever parents will understand they can build trust and love with Christian by consistently showing him that they have his best interests at heart.

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