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Christian from Texas



from Texas

Please meet Christian! He is a very fun and lovable child. He enjoys being at school and interacting with his classmates. He enjoys singing, listening to music, playing basketball, and playing Legos for fun. He can hold conversations with his peers that have similar interests to him. Christian is very animated when talking to others. He enjoys time to play outside and going on adventures. He wants to be placed with his sister more than anything. He said he would like to become an actor and wants to start going on auditions. Christian says he can sing really well and wants to be famous some day. He wants a family who will play with him. He would like to participate in theater and have a family that will support this. He is looking forward to meeting his forever family and being with them and his sister.

Christian and Chloe love doing things together. They like to compete in rap contests and dance offs with one another to see who is the best. They also enjoy watching music videos and going to the movie theater. Both children are creative. They both like to draw and paint. The twins enjoy sitting with one another to just talk and make one another laugh. Their bond is evident when the twins are together. The children are excited by the opportunity to be placed together again, they are currently in two placements but have frequent visits. Chloe is the older of the two. She often gives Christian advice, even when he does not ask for it. Christian takes this in stride. The two enjoy many of the same things. They are eager to have a family to call their own and to have parents who will help guide them through life. Visit usat the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Christian's forever family will to help him become successful. He would do best in a two parent, mother and father home. He needs a strong male role model to help guide him into adulthood. He will need individual attention and support in his goals and aspirations. His family will give his support and guidance. They will be patient with his needs but also consistent and able to help redirect him when he has difficulties.

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