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  Christina from Texas



from Texas

Christina is a very happy child who enjoys listening to music. She also adores it when people speak to her. Christina is very loving and enjoys being held. She is a delighted and content child. Christina is diagnosed with Microcephaly, but is in overall general good health. She attends school daily and enjoys learning. She is very attentive to everything around her. Christina does better with structure and stability. She enjoys playing games and listening to music on her tablet while she sits in her wheelchair. Christina is very playful at times. She has an infectious smile and laugh. She likes playing age appropriate games.

Christina requires a support system that is aware of the care required for her, as well as doctors that can adhere to her medical needs. She would like a family that will provide her with a stable home environment. The perfect family will be loving, caring, patient, and attentive to her needs to ensure she flourishes within their home. A family that will make sure all of her medical needs are met, including taking her to all of her medical appointments, is required. She will do very well in a structured and patient home that will adhere to her needs. Christina needs a family that will love her unconditionally and meet her needs throughout her life.