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Christopher from Texas



from Texas

Christopher is a handsome, energetic, and outgoing child. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, riding his bike, skateboarding, playing with animals, and going on outings to amusement parks. When he is inside, he enjoys watching television and playing video games, such as Minecraft. Christopher loves to be the center of attention and to show off his talents. For example, when he is skateboarding or bike riding he shows everyone his tricks. Christopher is very smart and is doing well in school. He requires support services to help him manage his behavior for issues such as not listening or talking when the teacher is talking. Christopher has a strong decisive personality. He does best when he can complete tasks where he has some decision-making power or on his own time. Christopher enjoys visiting with his siblings, but understands he will not be adopted with them. Christopher just wants a forever family that will take the time to get to know him and give him a chance.

Christopher's ideal family will be structured, caring, loving, and understanding. His family will take the time to get to know him and be willing to help him adjust. A two-parent home will be best for Christopher, with a strong male influence. He will do best with older siblings or a family with no other children. Christopher's family will need to be open to allowing continued contact with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption. He is open to living in either a rural or city environment. He does great with animals and can be gentle with pets. Christopher does not have a religious preference. He will benefit from a family who has specialized training in techniques such as trust-based training.

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