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Criselda from Texas



from Texas

Criselda is a very shy, sweet girl who loves being a teenager. She enjoys getting outside to play basketball, ride her bike, go for walks, and go swimming. She especially enjoys going to waterparks. Criselda enjoys trying out new hair styles and changing her personal style up from time to time. She loves having her nails done. Criselda likes wearing colorful clothing such as pink, purple, turquoise and anything that pops brightly. Criselda loves going to bowling alleys, Peter Piper Pizza, and anywhere she can eat and play arcade games. She is a lovely girl who takes her time to warm up to and trust new people. Criselda loves all types of animals and would love to have a cat as a pet one day. She enjoys putting new puzzles together, expressing her creativity through her coloring skills, making slime, and trying new arts and crafts projects. Criselda loves to dance and listen to music such as hip hop and R&B. She also enjoys singing along to her favorite songs. She would love the opportunity to play a sport in high school.

Criselda would prefer to join a family with two mothers, a single mother, or a mother and father in the home. Criselda would benefit from being the only child or the youngest child in the home with a large age gap. Her forever family will be patient and provide a flexible schedule to support a smooth adjustment into a new home. Criselda's family will be kind, loving, and consistent. Her family will model appropriate boundaries.

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