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Cristian from Texas



from Texas

Cristian is very creative and intelligent. He loves to play outdoors and eat McDonalds. His favorite sport is Soccer and helps to expel any excess energy he has. You can find him running up and down the field. With his creative skills, He has an interest in building things, such as origami figures, and paper airplanes, which in a contest at school, his flew the furthest! He especially loves playing with Legos. When he is not in school or playing outside, he likes playing with remote controlled cars and being a typical boy. Cristian is confident and outgoing so an adventure with his family is always at the top of the list! He does well with older children and children his own age. He loves to be active and play outside. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Cristian is seeking a forever home with a mother and father who will guide and nurture him as he grows up. His forever family will take him to the Park or Zoo from time to time. He would benefit from parents who have flexible work schedules to assist him in his social and educational needs. He would benefit from family therapy to help transition into a new home.

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