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Cristina from Texas



from Texas

Cristina is a sweet, caring, and active child. She is creative, talkative, and easy going with those around her. Cristina does well in school with the right motivation as she does need someone to be cheering her on and reminding her she is intelligent. Cristina enjoys a various activities such as art and crafts, listening to music, and dancing. She also likes outdoor activities such as running, riding her bike, and camping. Cristina has a witty personality and good sense of humor; she loves to make people laugh. She does well in school and is an intelligent child. She benefits from the right amount of motivation from caregivers and teachers. Cristina is close with her sister and it is important to her that she remains with her.

Keyla and Cristina are sweet, caring, and charming girls. Keyla has a competitive nature as she enjoys being number one at everything. Keyla is very smart and usually receives A/B Honor at school and always tries to be teacher's pet as she enjoys the perks that come with it. Keyla enjoys playing outside and for relaxation she enjoys building houses with her Legos. Cristiana is the younger child and she enjoys receiving all the attention. Cristina and Keyla enjoy riding their bikes, playing outside, jumping on the trampoline and watching cartoons. Both girls also enjoy spending time with their foster family and going out on family activities such as to the park, having BBQs, attending church, and visiting the mall. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Cristina will do well with a family who is consistent and structured. Her family will offer guidance, unconditional support, and supervision. They will understand her active drive and offer positive reinforcement. Cristina will do well in family who accepts her and her sister. A good match for Cristina will be a family that is loving and caring.