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  Keyla from Texas



from Texas

Keyla is charming young girl who always has a big smile on her face. She has a spirited attitude about her as she is always challenging herself to be the best at everything. She is best described as loveable, kind and thoughtful. Keyla enjoys attending school as she feels that is where she thrives. She does very well academically as she earns all A's and is never happy settling for a B. Keyla likes all her classes even if the work is difficult she always enjoys a challenge. Keyla continues to develop her social skills as her competitive nature may not agree with others at times.

Keyla, Yazmin, and Cristina all are very sweet, caring, and charming girls. All three girls enjoy going out on family events such as the park, Chuck E Cheese, and camping. Keyla has a competitive nature as she enjoys being number one at everything. Yazmin is described as the peaceful one who prefers to be by herself and read a good book and finally, Cristina is the "baby" of the sibling group but don't let that fool you as she is witty, intelligent with a sense of humor. Yazmin, Keyla and Cristina all get along well as they love each other very much. Just like any sibling they also need their own personal space and time.

Keyla will do well with a family who is consistent and structured. Her family will offer unconditional support, guidance, and supervision. They will understand her competitive drive and offer positive reinforcement.