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Dalton from Texas



from Texas

Introducing Dalton! He is an energetic, sweet, and loving boy. He enjoys going on outings, including going to the movies, playing on the playground, and participating in the Special Olympics. He is continuing to improve his communication skills and learning new words. He is also learning sign language to assist in his communication. He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, which has affected his verbal communication. He also enjoys reading books, playing games, playing on the swings, and stacking his blocks, stuffed animals, and cars. Dalton does well with other kids and adults but benefits from constant supervision and social coaching. His favorite thing to receive as a reward is being tickled. Dalton loves to eat, and some of his favorite foods are crackers, chips, cookies, and fruit snacks. He also enjoys Mcdonald's. Dalton benefits from frequent reminders to stay on task for hygiene, and routine activities, as he would much prefer to be chased around the house and tickled instead. Dalton is full of giggles and silliness. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Dalton's forever family will be compassionate and committed. He will benefit from a family who has knowledge or is willing to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder. Dalton's family will be excited to play with and give a lot of attention to him. His family will be high energy, but at the same time respect his limitations. His family will push him to his fullest potential and help him continue to grow. They will take him on outings to do things he enjoys and continue to grow his social skills. He will benefit from a family who spends independent time with him while he builds trust with them and while they learn his communication style. Dalton's family will understand that he requires hands on guidance. Dalton's family will locate and utilize resources to help him grow and thrive. They will offer unconditional love and support for him.

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